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Revival Replica Shirts With Detachable Collars

Over the years we have accumulated a few of the original stiffened collars from the 1930s and 1940s. Think it was always in the back of our minds that we would do something with them one day. With a decent choice of vintage-inspired fixed collar shirts including our spearpoint collar range, club collars and more recently Beaumont collar shirts we thought the timing was right to develop a new range of vintage look men's shirts with separate detachable shirt collars, just like the originals.

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Adopt The Collar Drop The Name

We selected two of the original starched collars that we already owned to work with, a penny round shape we call our Club collar plus a  pointed blunt one with the unfortunate name of the Corona collar.  For obvious reasons we chose to copy the shape but not the name, we simply call ours the Bankers collar.  As a matter of fact, the process of design to finished article takes about as long as it does to develop a new vaccine.  

The Basic Revival Collarless Shirt

We decided to keep the basic collarless shirt simple in design to set off the detachable collars.  They needed to be the main attraction.  Thankfully past experience in design & pattern cutting helps me communicate with the factory technicians and sample machinists. With a design settled on the next step is to select fabrics. You would think an enjoyable stage of the process, however,  from the batch of swatches we are provided with, the ones we choose are invariably no longer available.   Frustrating as it is we have come to learn we always need at least two sets of preferences in reserve. Fabric manufacturing companies have a fast turnover and rarely repeat the same designs.  We also select a couple of superior deluxe grade fabrics to include in our premium quality Socialite range.  

The Working Sample

Our first sample is usually completed two to three months later.  Although we look forward to this stage, we also have trepidation that our design on paper might not work in reality. In the case of this new collection of collarless shirts with separate collars we felt the stud notch at the back was a little too exaggerated on our sample so we reduced it slightly.

Once the sample amendments are fed back and the finished design signed off it really is a time for even more patience. Factories are not sitting around, machines idle waiting for us, we have to be slotted into their schedule. We are a small business, of course, our orders are relatively small, we are not going to take precedence over mass production runs.

Revival Vintage white collarless shirt with detachable collar

The Big Reveal

Once the delivery of the bulk order arrives it's then a race to get the shirts onto the website and stock system plus more importantly let everyone know about them.  We do this predominantly through our newsletter and social media platforms such as Revival Vintage Facebook

Revival navy stripe collarless shirt with detachable collars

 Revival Vitage Red Stripe Collarless Shirt & CollarsOur aim is always to bring vintage lovers garments that are authentic, good quality and affordable.  We hope you enjoyed sharing our latest journey with that mission in mind once more.  We hope you agree we have succeeded with this new range of thirties, forties style formal shirts to enhance your retro wardrobe.

We are selling the collarless shirts and two collar styles separately plus combination pairs.  All of which come with the studs you need to secure them in place.  However, you can of course interchange them with your own.

The other thing to note guys is if you get lipstick on your collar, you don't have to throw away your entire shirt!

 Revival Socialite Collarless Shirt & Collars

Helene Fallows