The Goodwood Revival is held in mid September . Nothing can prepare you for how Good this weekend is, it brings back all the sights, sounds and styles of the pre-1966 era for all to enjoy

Every year people who go to the Goodwood revival weekend go to great lengths to make sure their outfit is right, this makes the weekend one of the highlights in the vintage scene calendar, This weekend is unique in the sense Nearly everyone in attendance get dressed up in some way and it allows no modern vehicles within the circuit perimeter throughout the weekend, this keeps the vintage feel to the Festival.
Of course at Revival we only provide original and authenic wear but in this blog we talk about fancy dress. Costumes, the list of what you could wear is endless, you could go for 1940’s Military, Our British Home Guard costume is always a good place to start if you are stuck for ideas, everybody knows the Dad’s Army TV show, The American GI fancy dress uniforms are also a good look, For the ladies we also offer Army, Navy and RAF style costumes, along with 40’s factory Girl and land Girl costumes.
A 1940’s babe or sweetheart Costume is a good choice for the ladies, for gentlemen we have a good popeye costume, Keeping with the 40’s and bringing some fun into it.
The 1950’s is the era that gave us Rock and Roll and stylish cars; you could recreate the famous Grease Lightning scene and wear a T-Birds jacket or a Pink Lady silk jacket,  or dressing as Elvis Presley never gets old his two 50’s Looks are classics, the 50’s were also the era that made Housewives Glamorous, many a TV series or Movies had a stunning looking Housewife in, the housewife could always be serenaded by a 50’s Rock and Roll star.
In the UK we had just found out how good Holiday camps were, so a maplins yellow coat or Peggy the cleaner costume would be a fun addition to the wardrobe for the weekend.
With the cut off point style wise being 1966 you should just be able to squeeze into those swinging 60s fashions, from the Iconic suit of the fab Four, Colourful Mod Girl dresses, the 60s were also good for Television, early Star Trek and the Classic batman looks will make everybody smile and remember those wobbly sets and bad acting.

The Goodwood Revival weekend is a good excuse to dress up and show off your costumes. If you are stuck for ideas, although we don't have the costumes, have a look through our vintage website for some authentic Goodwood Revival styles.