1940's fancy dress costumes

Other than military, 1940s costumes are hard to find but if you think out of the box you can come up with some good ideas for 1940's fancy dress. For instance Woody Woodpecker was a cartoon character created in the 1940s, as was Popeye the Sailor, who was another carton character popular in the 1940s especially as the cartoons poked fun at the wartime enemies of Germany and Japan. These are both characters men would dress up as but there is a women's version of the woody woodpecker fancy dress costume called Winnie the Woodpecker. Also available is the Olive Oyl costume. Olive is the sweetheart of Popeye the Sailor.

Not everyone was in the army, navy or RAF there were civilians in the 1940's too! A popular outfit we put together for our customers is of a male casual look of the 40's. We do this by using our vintage clothing, a collarless shirt, fairisle tank top and silk scarf. Then with this men can wear a normal pair of trousers and maybe a flat cap although we also have caps and 30s/40s style highwaisted fishtail back trousers too!

The 40s "spivs" were guys who somehow managed to dodge conscription to the forces and instead stayed home dealing in "black market" goods. The stereo typical look of a spiv is a black pin stripe suit, so if you fancy going to the party as a 1940s Spiv then go look at the fancy dress gangster suits which are very similar in style to a spiv suit. Our vintage double breasted suits can be great for the spiv look too. For an extra authentic Spiv hang stockings, watches and chocolate bars on the inside of the jacket, then go around fella party goers trying to sell to them!

A 1940's civilian dress up idea for women would be to wear a 40s fashion costume. This may be a 40s style dress or even an original dress. The original dresses can be hard to find as getting the right size can be an issue. If you would rather go with an original look but without the problem of finding the right size there are plenty of reproduction dresses available. Revival offer this option plus we do have some great original vintage 40's dresses too, so come see us if you are local to the Yorkshire area.

The "Land Army" was at it's height in the 1940s even though it was first started during the world war 1. The Land Army were all women and were employed on the farms around the country as men left to fight the war. They did have a uniform but a land army girl costume is fairing easily put together.You just need a pair of light brown or dark green dungarees, a dark jumper or top and on the head wear a scarf. If you can't find these items and are pushed for time the Land Girl fancy dress costume from Smiffys is available. We have had a quick look at just some of the ideas for 1940s wear other than military so we hope it's helped.