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Jan 7 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs

Vintage Clothing History Guide | Scarves

Vintage scarves are the best!...

Nov 18 2015

Historical Vintage Blogs

Vintage Clothing History Guide | Stockings & Tights

A brief history of the 400 years of Stockings and the more recent invention of tights (or pantyhose)....

Sep 8 2015

Historical Vintage Blogs

60s Vintage Fashion Guide | Swinging Sixties, Quant, Carnaby Street & the Hippy Movement

We look at Mary Quant's mass produced clothing, how the space age influenced design plus Twiggy and the Beatles....

Oct 15 2014

Historical Vintage Blogs

80s Vintage Fashion Guide | Princess Diana, Madonna, New Romantics & Power Dressing

The diverse music and fashion of the 1980s including Flamboyant New romantics, Yuppies and Royal style....

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