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Jun 24 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs

1960s Vintage Dresses - Mini Skirts, Mini and Shift Dresses

Here we take a look at the simple sixties shift dress and how it can take on so many different looks....

Jun 24 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs

1970s Vintage Dresses - Maxi, Midi Dresses and Gypsy and festival style Dresses

Often a decade that is overlooked when it comes to fashion, here we give the seventies dress the focus it deserves....

Jun 15 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs

70s Vintage Fashion Guide | Glam Rock, Punk, Hippy Movement & Disco

An overview of the changes in fashions during the 1970s....

Jun 15 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs

Vintage Clothing History Guide | Sizing & Body Shape

Read how body shapes have changed over the decades and what figures were celebrated in the different eras....

Jun 10 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs , Vintage Style Tips

The Joy Of Welsh Tapestry

Welsh tweed or tapestry is beautiful and timeless, here we look at the history and some of the things we love about it....

Jun 8 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs

40s Vintage Fashion Guide | Wartime, Military, Dior & Utility

Vintage Fashion Guide to the 20th Century 1940s wartime fashion. Rationing CC41 "New Look" Christian Dior...

Jun 7 2016

Seasonal & Events

5 Vintage Gifts Every Woman Will Love

Isn’t it special when you receive a really personal gift for Christmas? Of course, everyone loves a box of chocolates, but a gift that is really unique makes the receiver feel so much better. That’s why vintage is such a great present to give at Christmas....

Jun 6 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs

The Petticoat Dilema

To petticoat or not to petticoat that is the question? Do you prefer your 1950s dresses with or without the frou frou?...

Jun 3 2016

Vintage Style Tips

Vintage Garden Party

All there is to know about how to dress for all those summer parties, and get a free gift when you order a vintage dress in July or August...

Jun 2 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs


The Wonders of The Hawaiian Shirt...

Jun 1 2016

Seasonal & Events , Vintage Style Tips

*Goodwood Revival Weekend* Look The Part

Get into the Goodwood spirit with the perfect outfit for the occasion...

May 27 2016

Vintage Style Tips

3 Types of Vintage Bag Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

A vintage bag is a great way of incorporating some retro style into your wardrobe without having a total makeover. Here are three essential styles of vintage bag which every woman should have in her wardrobe!...

May 25 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs

1950s Vintage Dresses - Tea Dresses, Prom Dresses and the New Look.

The 50s Tea dress makes a welcome return every couple of years. Here we look at it's history and why we fall in love with them again each time they do....

May 11 2016

Vintage Style Tips


Win a pair of sunglasses for the most original answer to the question that follows....

May 10 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs

Vintage Clothing History Guide | Zips & Zippers

Zips and zippers - We trace the origins of fasteners up to the present day....

Apr 11 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs

Vintage Clothing History Guide | Mens Hats

A description and brief history of the most popular hats in Britain during the last 100 years or so....

Mar 1 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs

Vintage Clothing History Guide | Belts

A brief look at the belt from the Bronze age....

Mar 1 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs

Vintage Clothing History Guide | Gloves

A history of Gloves - Even the cavemen had gloves?...

Feb 1 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs

50s Vintage Fashion Guide | Hollywood Glamour, Rock n Roll & Teddy Boys

Exploring how 1950's fashion was influenced by American culture and movie stars....

Jan 7 2016

Seasonal & Events , Vintage Style Tips

Why You Should Resolve to Wear More Vintage in 2018

Feeling uninspired about dieting and getting down the gym? (me too). In that case I have a new resolution for you: wear more vintage this year. Here are some reasons why wearing vintage will make you feel fantastic:...

Jan 7 2016

Historical Vintage Blogs

Vintage Clothing History Guide | Scarves

Vintage scarves are the best!...

Nov 18 2015

Historical Vintage Blogs

Vintage Clothing History Guide | Stockings & Tights

A brief history of the 400 years of Stockings and the more recent invention of tights (or pantyhose)....

Sep 8 2015

Historical Vintage Blogs

60s Vintage Fashion Guide | Swinging Sixties, Quant, Carnaby Street & the Hippy Movement

We look at Mary Quant's mass produced clothing, how the space age influenced design plus Twiggy and the Beatles....

Oct 15 2014

Historical Vintage Blogs

80s Vintage Fashion Guide | Princess Diana, Madonna, New Romantics & Power Dressing

The diverse music and fashion of the 1980s including Flamboyant New romantics, Yuppies and Royal style....

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